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BROOKLYN BAGEL BAKERY was started in 1953, by our founder Seymour Friedman. He rented space from Weitz’s Bakery, in the West Adams section of Los Angeles. He later took over the bakery at the 4658 West Adams Blvd., and Brooklyn Bagel Bakery came into existence. We moved to our current location at 2217 West Beverly Blvd. in 1965. To this day, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is owned and operated by the Friedman family.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery prides itself on making quality products, using only the best ingredients, and delivering them to our customers in a timely manner. Customer service and satisfaction have always been extremely important to all of us at Brooklyn Bagel Bakery.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery still makes bagels the traditional way by boiling them before they are baked. Although this method is more time consuming, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery feels that it is the only way to produce a product we are proud of to offer. This is a real bagel and not a roll with a hole. Most of Brooklyn Bagel Bakery’s business is wholesale and we make deliveries to all of Los Angeles and Orange counties.

There are some who insist that traditional bagels can only be made correctly with New York water. Our founder, Seymour Friedman, believed the opposite – that any bagel can be made anywhere correctly with the right attention to detail, ingredients and emphasis on quality. Our nearly 60 years of continuous service to the Southland is testimony to his belief.

We serve bakeries, delis, institutions, and restaurants, and some of the best delicatessens in Southern California including Nate n Al's, Canter’s, Factor's, Art's, Langer's, and Izzy's.

We welcome event planners, caterers, and banquet halls. Call our owner Richard Friedman at 213-413-4114 between 10AM-4PM weekdays to discuss your restaurant or business bagel needs. We look forward to working with you.

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Why Brooklyn Bagel Bakery?

SURE, THERE ARE lots of bagel vendors out there - some very big. At Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, we're not the biggest by a long shot. But we do have one thing going for us that keeps our customers coming back for more: taste.

Our family began Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in 1953, and we've been making the highest quality bagel products ever since. We make everything from the traditional to the exotic, responding to changing tastes and palettes here in the Southland.

And did we mention fresh? We bake 7 days a week, so your product is fresh and tasty every single day. You won't find a fresher, more delicious bagel anywhere, we promise.

There's a reason most delicatessens in the Southland carry our product - we're the most delicious bagel in town. Go into Nate n Al's, Canter’s, Factor's, Art's, Langer's, or Izzy's and order a bagel - it will be a Brooklyn Bagel Bakery product, fresh and delicious on your plate.

If our bagels are good enough for these discriminating customers, shouldn't we be part of your business, as well?

Call our owner, Richard Friedman, at 213-413-4114 between 10AM-4PM weekdays to discuss your operation and how Brooklyn Bagel Bakery might serve you. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your bagel needs.

Awards and Media

BROOKLYN BAGEL BAKERY is the proud recipient of numerous awards for quality and popularity of our entire family of bagel products, and for the media coverage we've received.

Best of LA Awards from Los Angeles Magazine

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery Awards

Los Angeles Magazine has repeatedly named us "Best of LA" for Bagels, having won in many previous years, including 1998, 1995, 1989 and 1983 - essentially, just about every time Los Angeles Magazine includes a bagel category in their "Best of LA" competition.

We're proud of these awards, and we thank the entire Los Angeles community for supporting us for nearly 60 years.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in the Los Angeles Times: "The Bagel: An LA Story"

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery Awards
Los Angeles Times Photo by Glenn Koenig

On November 12, 2008, the Los Angeles Times ran a terrific feature on the Los Angeles bagel bakery business, with a major emphasis on Brooklyn Bagel Bakery and our owner, Richard Friedman:

"Most people choose the bagel they grew up with," says Richard Friedman, and for most Southern Californians, whether they know it or not, that means the choice is bagels made either by Friedman or his oldest competitor....

Friedman is not a stickler for a particular-size bagel and does not have a problem tweaking his recipe here and there to suit a customer, but he has been raised in a strict bagel-making tradition. Sitting in his glass-enclosed office looking out over his Brooklyn Bagel factory, the scene does not appear to have changed much in five decades.

It's a vision right out of a California noir movie. He is a self-avowed workaholic, a devoted bagel maker who starts work most days at 5:30 a.m., continuing on with that "good recipe" created by his grandfather in New York and passed on to his father and then to him.

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Brooklyn Bagel Bakery on "Your LA" (KNBC 4 Los Angeles)

We were featured on KNBC 4 Los Angeles' "Your LA" program a few years ago, and our segment is included below:

Our History in Pictures

AT BROOKLYN BAGEL BAKERY, our story goes back even before 1953 when Seymour Friedman founded our family-run business. It goes all the way back to the 1920s, when his father Louis was a young man working in the "beigel" industry in New York - as you can see in the photo below.

Photo Legend:

  1. Louis Friedman (seated far left), a founder of the New York Beigel Bakers Union, poses with his fellow members in this 1937 image taken on the union's 10th anniversary
  2. Louis Friedman and his son Seymour at the Beverly Boulevard bakery location in the 1960s, hand-rolling bagel dough (before the process was automated)
  3. Seymour and Richard Friedman with the next generation of the family, Brian, in this 1970s image
  4. Seymour and Richard Friedman with bagels ready to boil and bake, 1990s. Photo by Brian Davis Photography; used with permission

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FAX 213-413-9850

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is open 6AM-6PM seven days a week. We are located at 2217 West Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90057. Click here for a map and driving directions.

Learn more about our colorful bagel-making history by clicking here

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