Our special water bagel recipe, baked on an aluminum pan for a little softer texture

Not cooked in boiling water before baking - like an onion roll

Made with whole dry eggs, a little sweeter

Chocolate chips and chocolate syrup

Made with Rocky Mountain whole wheat flour

Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and Italian spices

Large onion bagel made flat and stuffed with our special onion mixture

Caraway seeds in the dough for texture and flavor

Made with dried jalapenos soaked in water - we add the peppers and the water to the recipe

Dipped in minced garlic and sesame seeds

Real cinnamon and delicious raisins

Frozen strawberries and strawberry fruito

Oat Bran and dipped in rolled oats

Hearth-baked New York style and dipped in a mixture of flaked salt and poppy seeds

Made with dried cranberries and sliced apples

Made with whole dry eggs - a little sweeter recipe

For the poppy seed lover

Our water bagel with a slice of mild cheddar cheese

Onions, garlic powder, poppy seeds all in the dough, then dipped in a special onion mixture

Blueberry flavored cranberries and blueberry fruito

Caraway seeds in the dough for texture and flavor, dipped in corn meal on the bottom

Special 9 grain mix for texture and flavor

The original New York style bagel, baked directly on the shelf of the oven for a more well-baked texture and flavor

Onion bagel with a slice of mild cheddar

Jalapeno bagel with a slice of Monterey jack cheese

The works! Onions, poppy seeds, garlic, sesame seeds

San Francisco sourdough flavor

For the sesame seed lover

Made with fresh bananas and walnuts

Special order only - Water (Plain), Egg, Onion, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, Whole Wheat varieties available

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